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Monday, October 5, 2015

scorching sunny afternoon autumn

 Hey there guys, I decided to do two to three posts a week from now onwards, hopefully I can keep up with it keeping in mind my working hours.. ^_^ well, it sure is autumn but the fact that its scorching sunny-hot during afternoon times made me post this outfit. The afternoon sun is like hitting summer again! gosh it's sweating hot! ^_^ Well, I have been into whites for awhile now, which means I have been meaning to wear this forever21 wedge for a long long time. I bought this on my last visit to bkk like couple of months ago, and I must say its worth the price! The comfort? well no doubt its better than pencil heels (smiles). Wearing shorts makes me bit conscious to be honest, but mostly weather wins over it anyways hahaha.. So anyways, I bought this leather shorts from Supre' store while in NewZealand, they had two colors white and black, which totally got me confused which one to pick! Having them tried on for millionth of times (exaggerating of-course), I decided to take white. 
 I'm wearing this white shirt from Y.Two jeans, its a men's wear, yup! you got me.. its my boyfriend's!(wink*). To tell you about how I got his shirt, well...he's a huge fan of John Mayer, he bought the exact shirt as him couple of years back and now he's dumping it due to size and that's how now I own it..lolz  And come to think of I'll be doing a post on raiding my boyfriend's closet soon. Stay tuned to my blog. Thank you one and all.
 What I'm wearing:*
Half-sleeve jean jacket:*Local store bkk
Shirt:* Y.Two Jeans (Boyfriend's)
Shorts:* Supre (Newzealand)
Wedge:* Forever21

You consider your heart to be a sacred place, not allowing any negativity to enter, filling it only with pure feelings and good wishes for all. Cheers!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

mama's pant day!

Hey guys, today's post is pretty huge for me, I have been impatiently waiting to post this outfit esp them heels; I have been waiting for this Pierre Hardy shoe to ship soon, it took longer than I've anticipated. Finally its here and I just couldn't be more happier, this Pierre Hardy inspired heel actually looked and feel better than I though it would. And a plus plus for the quality it possess. Besides notice the pant? well, I somehow feel like its a MOM's pant outfit of the day! haha, I guess the whole little folds at the end of my pants actually helps me pull off any kinda pants and I personally love it that way.  The above pictures gives two look, one with a sleeveless jean coat and other just with collar top, well I had that jean coat for quite some time now, I thought I should give it a chance lol and I guess today was the day for it to shine..(smile)

This ootd is easy and very chic to try. Hope my viewers enjoyed my today's lookbook pick. CHEERS! ^_^
 What I'm wearing:*
Top:*Localstore bkk
Jacket/Jean coat:*Bkk
Heel*:Pierre Hardy inspired.
 I just love the eye on this. 

Try, else you'll never know what you might have earned! Cheers!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pinafore shorts

Hey guys, its almost end of september and with festive moods around, I totally enjoyed seeing all the post from Thimphu Tshechu in my feeds. Hope everyone of you in Thimphu had a great time and enjoyed the Tshechu. I on the other hand unfortunately couldn't make it there, stuck here in Paro and working endlessly. Well, anyways one of my autumn must haves is a pinafore shorts/dress.  I think its one of many styles thats effortlessly sophisticated and easy. I can totally pair it with some simple basic casual tshirts or blouse or any jackets.  And its affordable. And one more thing sometimes its okay to feel like a kid haha, this outfit makes me feel full of childishness but hey who said I can't play dress up? well, no one! (wink*) 

tote bag I got it from Uniqlo lucky draw game, while purchasing their product...pretty cool eh?
 What I'm wearing:*
Chunky heel white:*CarlaBerotti
Tote bag:* Uniqlo
Reflective glass:*Ray-ban

The future depends on what we do today ^_^ so think it wisely. Cheers!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

abstract-is it stars or tribal?

Hey guys, its been long again. Me and my boyfriend went out to get some good shots of this outfit and I'm pretty happy with how he managed to capture the details. Normally my sister takes all my pictures but its always exciting to have different photographer giving their new ideas on the shoots. ^_^ And besides I love to be photographed! haha... well, anyways today's outfit is entirely to the two basic colors blacks and whites, and them prints! Bought this dress from forever21 its pretty much babydoll kinda dress, and I love how the prints are so tribal and yet gives that pretty neat fit on me. I'm wearing kimono over the dress, I just like how it just hangs over my shoulders. I noticed I own quite alot of shrugs lately, esp. kimono styles and I just can't seem to get enough of my collections (laughs). Well then again sure the big hats are one of my huge obsessions too. Talking about obsessions, I'm wearing my six-seven inch heel Jeffrey Campbell, this is one of my favorite from few of my JC collections. I'll be updating on autumn outfits by coming weeks and hopefully you guys will enjoy mystyles ^_^
 What I'm wearing:*
Heels:*Jeffrey Campbell

In the end its you who decides who you are. ^_^ be Happy!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

little pearly and girly

Hey guys, its almost the end of August! gosh! time sure flies; It has been a really busy month for me this year. I have been wanting to post this pretty pink girly for a while now, just something different from my usual outfits and finally its here!
I liked this I-strap pearl heels, I bought it for a pretty reasonable price and its a local brand.  ^_^
What I'm wearing:*
Don't let anyone make you feel wrong about yourself, trust yourself more and you will be better than you can ever imagine!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

peekaboo! its sheer time!

Hey guys, I'm back! haha.. with no further excuse on why I haven't been blogging for past few weeks, I'd rather just go on about what I'm wearing today. I love sheer dresses, I find translucent fabrics just so versatile and its like I can try any style to fit in any categories. ^_^ Sheer dresses have been in trend for past few years now and yet its still worn by celebrity on red-carpets and around. It was back then on fashion panels like 'Evolution of the "naked-dress" ', haha. Well, mine is just basic, and I love all those hanging and long thing from my outfits..I guess its just Meh thing! :P  I have been eyeing on few sheer and semi sheer dresses from ASOS and Forever21, hopefully I'll be posting them sooner.  Besides, Oh..notice my hair? I changed it..pretty pink..ombre is still alive for me.

 What I'm Wearing:*
Long Cardigan:*Glasson
Sheer Dress:*Local store

I guess in the end its you and your heart and mind and soul! Be good! cheers!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The geometric cuts

The fact that I'm more into this two basic colors (Black and white), got me even more in love with structure printed styles. Its been raining lately, I love the weather at some point where I can dress warm at the same time my skin gets to breath in fresh air with little skin showing tops.
Who doesn't love studs? right? I have been having my huge crush on studs since past few years and I definitely have it stuck still!

What I'm Wearing:*
Top:*Supre NZ store
Pant:*Local store bkk
Heels:*Valentino inspired

Self esteem is a journey. It’s not a goal. Love yourself ^_^ Cheers!