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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The geometric cuts

The fact that I'm more into this two basic colors (Black and white), got me even more in love with structure printed styles. Its been raining lately, I love the weather at some point where I can dress warm at the same time my skin gets to breath in fresh air with little skin showing tops.
Who doesn't love studs? right? I have been having my huge crush on studs since past few years and I definitely have it stuck still!

What I'm Wearing:*
Top:*Supre NZ store
Pant:*Local store bkk
Heels:*Valentino inspired

Self esteem is a journey. It’s not a goal. Love yourself ^_^ Cheers!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Distressed in Red

Hey guys, something about distressed/ripped jeans that I love. Distressed jean can look sloppy with wrong mix haha.. I have pretty much been through that with different trials while playing some dress-up. ^_^  But with the right touch its easy to flaunt it any way I like it.
So heres some pictures right before I left for some casual bites around the mini town and its just comfy and causal and cool and chic (The Big basic Four Cs ).
Strappy pumps goes better with distressed jeans but then again, how torn is your jean?  you know ^_*
Like I always mention, I'ma big hat girl. Gosh I can't get enough of these big hats. How about yous?
Chain belt:*Diyed from mini bag chains
Hey you! thank you so much for checking my blog keep checking out mastyle ^_^ Cheers!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

my summer fever

Hey guys, I missed out my weekly updates for a week or two (sigh~)  So, without any more excuses I finally have my next post! yey! I get excited over little things haha.. Today I'm wearing this blue cropped collar Tee I just love how effortless it looks and my new favorite neon pumps. (the day I got it I was like GOTTCHA!! grind!). These days its been raining ALOT! and it really makes me go all lazy and I haven't been that well myself either. Besides the weather and job, I realize our health is so unpredictable it just gets you in your worst time and that's when you know like seriously really think! (you feel me?) Anyways, thank you one and all for checking out..hope its something to be inspired of from my summer fever ^_^

Neon pumps:*online store
Geometric clutch bag:*Charles & Keith

In Love there is no numbers, its not a race, first or is just LOVE

Friday, June 5, 2015


Hey there one and all, I haven't been keeping up well with my health for couple of weeks which sure makes me lazy most of the time. I ain't going to fuss about it too much though..haha.. Anyway this post was suppose to be up last week but I couldn't catch a time to have it up sooner.  So here it is, my latest crush on skinny pencil midi skirt and midi crop top. This sun flower top have been hanging in my closet for quite some time now and I realised I last wore it on last christmas which is way way long time ago ^o^  I like how fresh and fun this sun flower makes my whole look. I personally like to have minimal accessories/jewellery with bold and colorful prints.
Building geometric neckpiece added to my collection. Its just simple and chic. 

What I'm Wearing:*
Top:*local store bkk
Boot:*Nirvana JC inspired 
Neckpiece:*Accessories bkk
 like its been said better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.. I would like to remind you all that life is all about learning in every seconds of our lives, lets be positive ^_^ Cheers!

Friday, May 29, 2015

lets go floral

Weather's getting hot and hotter!! simply cream and peachy with this outfit. My recent purchase and it just couldn't be more perfect for summer.  I'm glad that I have been able to gain some weight this time and I look better in pictures (from 42 to 46kg yey!!) I don't really fancy skinny body (I'm weird) but I have always admired curves in women, I personally find it so so attractive (its my own personal opinion ^_^) besides you should have noticed that I have done some homework with my blog this time, I changed and cleaned the whole look of my blog. Its an advantage having learnt the whole IT geek codings...haha... I've always been a geeky with computers back in school and I'm glad the knowledge is still in my head.  So having said that, I will be working more on it again.. Well, now notice my new block open strap platform? well, gosh I'm loving this heel, its just super comfy and I don't really have to worry about walking in pebbles or any worst floor ever! (One fact in Bhutan..our heel soles doesn't really last long enough..sigh~ and you know it too well those living in Bhutan)
Took this picture on my way to home from the farm road, its one peaceful road I must say. Perfect for my pictures..haha
What I'm Wearing:*
Jumper:*Retail shop in Thailand on my last visit last month.
Long cardigan:*Online store glasson
Chunky heel:*Online aliexpress

Never change for someone..Always be the best version of YOU! Cheers!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

mad about Stripes

Hey there guys, my post today is all on blacks and whites again. I have been mentioning on few of my previous post that basic blacks and whites have been my favs lately. And today its like 'mad about stripes' ^_^ well, the fact that I'm a shorty haha so my height is a big disadvantage when it comes to choosing my outfits, I have always preferred high heels over flats. I love how tall it makes me feel (who doesn't!!?) and now you guys know why I own all those high heels. You can see this is one of my second highest heel I have in my collection. I own few higher heel than this. It's pretty high but I love it and I know its not everybody's piece of cake. well, trust me its easier than you think ^_^
These photographs are by my sister, most of my post are done by her and she just knows to hit that right button on right time for me. I must say in a way I'm lucky haha... Well, I was in a confused mind to get a good back ground for this outfit...and I saw this blue vehicle parked right at our parking-lot..haha and here I'm! just got the perfect drop-back! (funny isn't it?)

 What I'm wearing:*
Jumper shorts:*The Curve

Dream it, Wish it and Do it!! Cheers!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

way back to elephant pants!

On this very special occasion (Mother's day), I wanted to bring back our mum's 70s-80s fashion chic to my blog. I remember how mum's back then would rock those elephant pants like a star.  This chic vintage high waisted denim was given to me by my mom couple of years back and to my surprise I still have it. One thing about fashion is its never gone, they keep circling or rather say what goes around always come around right? ^_^ Fashion has a funny way of being simultaneously important and absurd to society. Each decade brings new trends that seem chic and innovative at the time, yet we almost always look back and cringe at ourselves for thinking we actually looked good.  Now just think about ourselves, think 20years ahead, would we be looking at ourselves and thinking just how amazing we look in our current trend? or would we be laughing at? haha
Just wanted to say Happy mother's day to every mom there. ^_^

What I'm wearing:*
Pant:*Gift from mom
Hipi headband:*DIYED
Happy mother's day to every mom on this planet! Cheers!